Chris Basham


My purpose statement introduces this site, saying:

Chris Basham designs and develops for the web in southern Indiana. He believes every word, byte, and pixel can improve how we care for each other and the earth.

I break down this statement, explaining what it means to me:

Chris Basham designs and develops
He is a user experience designer and front-end developer. He is a generalist, skilled in both building the right thing and building it in the right way.
for the web
At its best, the web platform invites everyone to connect to people and ideas.
in southern Indiana.
He grew up and lives in the hills of southern Indiana.
He believes
Work should be impactful.
every word, byte, and pixel
The content, data, and visuals we use and how we use them matter, even at the smallest scale.
can improve
We have the choice to understand needs, balance tradeoffs, and solve problems.
how we care
All people should take responsibility and serve in love as they are able.
for each other
We should embrace our diversity and work together to raise the human condition.
and the earth.
Our legacy should be to leave our one planetary home better than we found it.