Chris Basham

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I’m Chris, a craftsman of Web applications, equally skilled in both designing and developing user interfaces. I believe every word, byte, and pixel is an opportunity for a person to experience a new and better story, one worth the heartbeats it demands.


  1. Color Palette

    Established new standards for color usage in enterprise applications.

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  2. Design Guide

    Started a user interface design pattern library.

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  3. Course Registration

    Built a proof of concept, mobile-first app with AngularJS.

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  4. Course Search

    Built a proof of concept app with AngularJS and REST services.

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  5. Student Billing

    Prototyped with AngularJS.

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Since 2012, I’ve worked for Indiana University in the quaint town of Bloomington, designing and developing student-related Web software. As the UX designer in a cross-functional Agile team, I train coworkers on design and development processes, and I coordinate best practices with sister teams.

I also co-organize the Bloomington chapter of IxDA in an effort to cultivate the local design community, encouraging student designers and local professionals to socialize and share expertise. Occasionally I write or talk about my work, design philosophy, practices, and strategy. Email me or find me elsewhere if you want to chat.

When not slicing fingers with sticky notes or refactoring repositories, I’m desperately convincing others to play a backed Kickstarter game, fervently listening to an audiobook or podcast, or blissfully running trails in my sandals.


  1. Facilitating a Hackathon

    · Agile practices at small scale

  2. Career Assessment

    · Interests, values, strengths, weaknesses, and goals

  3. Heartbeats

    · The cost of design

  4. Storytellers

    · Envision the stories users tell

  5. Defining Design

    · Renderable, insightful intentionality

  6. Codifying Colors

    · Generating color scales for design systems

  7. Mobile Strategies for Kuali Student

    · Approaches for future friendly Web software


  1. Mind Mapping Workshop

    · IxDA Bloomington

  2. The Role of the UI Developer

    · Kuali Days Conference

  3. Wayfinding on the Web

    · Midwest UX

  4. Architecting CSS

    · IxDA Bloomington

  5. Typography

    · IxDA Bloomington

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Reach me via email at or find me elsewhere: