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Kuali Student Design Guide

The Kuali Student Design Guide is an initial foundation for a design pattern library created to centralize and articulate user interface design decisions occurring within the Kuali Student products. The guide is meant to be maintained by Kuali designers and front-end developers, regularly updated as problems are encountered and resolved throughout development. Patterns are abstracted as nested components, following the Atomic design methodology. It serves as a daily reference for designers and developers, yet also invites the larger non-design community to see and engage in the process. Research and recommendations are initially documented as repository issues before being adopted into the guide.

Screenshot of the mobile and widescreen view of the Pagination pattern.
The Design Guide features a responsive design and statically generated content, making it both accessible and performant.

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Course Registration proof of concept

Using the recommendations as outlined in the Mobile Strategies for Kuali Student document, a proof of concept for a university course registration application was developed over a period of six weeks as part of an initiation phase for the student enrollment product. The application features a responsive, mobile-first layout, developed in AngularJS.

The proof of concept successfully demonstrated the rapid speed of development capable by decoupling the front-end from the back-end, the engaging user experience possible through modern client-side JavaScript frameworks, and the incredible performance of REST web services. Based on these results, the development team has continued this general architecture, producing higher quality user experiences in less time than sibling teams.

The proof of concept was demonstrated to all Kuali Student development teams at the end of the allotted six weeks.

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Mobile Strategies for Kuali Student

As part of the initiation phase for a new product within Kuali Student, a document was produced recommending how best to approach this new product, which would be one of the first Kuali applications in which students, not administrators, would be the primary users. The document recommends:

Six weeks were allocated to develop a proof of concept application that embodied these recommendations.

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Course Search proof of concept

Tasked with building a proof of concept web application for Indiana University students to search and bookmark classes, this six-week project was the first attempt within the University Information Technology Services department to pair a client-side framework (AngularJS) with REST web services for a student-facing application.

Demonstration of the proof of concept course search and bookmarking application.

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Student Billing functional prototype

In late 2012, the Indiana University student billing user interface was redesigned in order to make it easier for students to understand their monthly statements and pay the balance on their accounts. After numerous low-fidelity design iterations and subsequent user tests, a functional prototype was crafted in AngularJS as a model for the production version.

Screenshot of the Amount Due and Account Status summaries in the student billing prototype.
The prototype features two primary views. Current Status provides an easy means for students to understand recent billing activity and pay the account balance, while History provides an archive of all past account activity.

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